At the End of the Day


It’s the end of the day and the kids are finally in bed….

As parents we all know this feeling. A moment to sit down and relax. A couple minutes for  one’s self. A moment to connect with your partner or check your social media accounts.

Then you see the pile of dishes in the sink, the backpacks that need to be cleaned out and re-packed for the next day. The lunches that need to be made.

Your children get out of bed again for the drink of water. They are hungry (though they just had a bedtime snack.) Maybe you could read them a sixth chapter? Or wait, just how many planets are there is space-you could look it up if you don’t know.

All you want is to relax and take  some time for yourself. Finally finish that book you have renewed twice already from the library. Paint your nails for the first time in…well so long you can’t remember when. Maybe have a bath or go for a quick run.

But then you remember the laundry that needs to be done because your daughter has soccer tomorrow (or it’s orange shirt day and her only orange shirt just happens to be in the laundry).

You go to pack lunches and find out that you are out of bread. You and your husband need to make the decision between do we have enough random items to pack good enough lunches for tomorrow or do we need to play rock paper scissors to decide who is running to the store. After finding enough random items and deciding you will be totally fine eating pickles and crackers for your lunch you can finally relax. But wait, it’s late and you should probably get to bed.

And surprise, your husband is having company over tomorrow…now you are quickly tidying up and cleaning the bathroom.

Some days the days seem long. There is not enough time in the day. You may feel like you have no energy or not enough to give to make it until bedtime. It’s okay.

I have learned that some days my good enough is all I need. I make sure my kids are fed, they are loved and taken care of. I give myself a chance to take a few minutes to relax and sometimes leave those dishes for the next day. The laundry gets washed but the clean laundry stays in the basket rather than making it into the drawers. Some times people come for a last minute visit and my house is not really that clean.

I have learned that striving for perfection is impossible but we as humans only can handle so much before something gives. If I give my all every day and do not take time to recharge or leave something for me, there comes a time when there will be nothing left to give. So go for that quick run, read a chapter in that book, or at least have a long shower if you can’t have that bath.

Moms tend to take care of themselves last. And this is probably not going to change, but make sure you at least get on the list!

2 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. What a great reminder, thank you for sharing this!


    1. Thanks @27 karat mom, it’s always nice to hear someone else can relate to the chaos of parenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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