Our Dad is the Best

Father’s Day has come and gone and I have taken a few minutes with my little family to reflect on how my husband is such an important role in our household. I know I am very fortunate to have such a supportive partner who is so involved in his children’s lives.

In honour of the role he plays, I have saved some sweet and hilarious moments from what my girls have had to say about their dad, as well as some thoughts about how awesome he is in our lives…


4 year old: “Mom, next time can you not marry Daddy?” Me, ” Why do you say that?” 4 year old, “Because Mom, I really wanted to marry him!”

6 year old: “Mom, Dad is a lot more fun, but you are the responsible one.” (True.)

4 year old: “When I grow up, I am going to marry a boy as handsome as Daddy.” (I see a theme here..)


While their dad was away on a weekend camping trip…

6 year old grabs his pillow. “I just need to sleep with this so I can smell Daddy’s sleep smell while he is away. It’s the best.”

4 year old looks at mountains as we are driving, “I see Daddy on the mountain right now!” (as she looks the opposite direction to where he had gone.”


Me: “What is your favourite thing about Daddy?”

-4 year old: “Tickles!”

-6 year old: “Everything about Daddy is special. The only thing I don’t like about him is when he makes me go to bed and I want to spend time with him.”


As far as dads go, you are pretty awesome.

You are the dad that is there in the morning to get the girls off to school.

You are the dad that brings home salamanders for new pets.

You are the dad that has an almost endless supplies of cuddles and tickles.

You are the dad that creates yummy special snacks (like strawberries and milk).

You are the dad that is always there to help turn a tear into a smile.

Like our daughter said, everything about you is special. We love you.


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