The Dreaded Daycare Pickup Meltdowns

If you are a working parent, you probably know what I am talking about. You pick up your sweet, happy child from daycare. They are laughing with their friends and almost do not want to leave.

As you get them to their cubby you move into what I like to call the melting stage. This is when some of their limbs all of a sudden stop working. The child who was just running is now incapable of removing a shoe or putting on a jacket. Yes, they will need you to carry them, their backpack, 20 random belongings, and 30 art projects. It will take you 20 minutes to get back into the car.


Here she decided she did not like her socks and was angry she had eaten all her lunch already.

It is a five minute drive home. They may die of starvation and need to eat everything left in their lunch. Too bad they hate it all. You are to blame for the fact that the sun is in their eyes.

The fun part, peaceful part of the day is making dinner with a small child attached to your leg. They will release you only to get into the fridge while you are not looking. Chances are they will suddenly not be hungry for the supper that you begin to wonder why you bothered cooking.

Not to worry, after supper they find their second wind. This is when they are all of a sudden happy, delightful children. They would love 50 books before bed, are probably not able to survive until morning if you do not feed them a bedtime snack (it has been at LEAST 20 minutes since they last ate you know), and all of a sudden the sibling they could not stand is their best friend-can’t you just give them 5 more minutes to play?!

After you have finished the 50th book, cuddled them an extra 5 minutes, given them the fresh water, re-tucked their blanket just right (no, not the flower one, the fuzzy one), they will fall asleep. OK, just kidding, after they have told you all about how they had a bad dream (well they might have if they had fallen asleep at least), told you how you are the best mommy in the world, and gotten that extra kiss-THEN they fall asleep.

All of a sudden that little dragon has turned back into a sweet little princess. Aren’t they so cute when they sleep?

Disclaimer: This is just a humorous post on daycare pick up because some days, we need a little humor. I do not ACTUALLY think my children are dragons.

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