Shine your light

IMG_1925.JPGThis world can be so cruel even when we are young.

All too early my 6 year old has already had to deal with feeling insecure, being left out, and even having adults say mean and untrue things about her.

My youngest is more sheltered so far but will not be far behind from learning that everyone is not going to see the best in her, believe in her.

I wish I could shelter them from everything but I know they have  a strong spirits. I know it’s my job to fan those little flames when they come home feeling defeated.

I see my girls for their true selves. I see their good moments along with the not so good.

I hear them and their need to be loved after making a mistake and asking me “But do you still love me?” “Always. Forever. No matter what,” I tell them.

I see my daughters’ sweet hearts. When my oldest tells me with her first job as a teenager she is going to buy her sister and little cousin everything they want on the store. When my youngest comes home from a birthday party and gives all her candy to her sister because she didn’t get a goody bag. When they try to make their dad coffee as a surprise.

I will help that little light shine brighter when I see them succeed at anything-the big and the small. From learning to read a new word, drawing an amazing picture to helping a friend, I will celebrate it all.

I will be there to give hugs and reassurance when the world is cruel. I will help them build themselves up and believe in themselves that

They are worthwhile.

They are loved.

They can let their lights shine.


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