Sisters for Life

IMG_1912.JPGAs I said goodbye to my sister this morning, I thought about how lucky I am to have her. Living in different parts of the country means we often do not see each other more than once or twice a year but it doesn’t make much of a difference to how close we are.

Growing up we had our moments of annoyance with each other but for the most part we were pretty inseparable.

To me a sister is that person I can call anytime-on the good days and the bad. We never run out of things to talk about. Things haven’t changed too much as we have gotten older. Our visit ended up being a bit chaotic as my house had a tree damage the roof and cause water damage so our spare room was being renovated while she was here. We got creative and she ended up sleeping with me while my husband set up in his office (his choice so he could still get his late night video games in). Just as when we were kids sharing a room we ended up talking way too late until we finally fell asleep.

We had all kinds of plans for our week which didn’t really go as planned when first my sister got sick and we all followed throughout the week. My poor 6 year old got it twice. Just when we would think everyone was better, someone else would get sick. Instead of this ruining the visit, my sister made the most of it. She ended up having individual time with each of my daughters for the two days I had to work. Instead of rushing around, we had time to relax and visit.

I feel so fortunate to have my sister. Even though she is younger than me, she is my go to person for advice, support, and to share exciting news. She gets me in a way that others just can’t because she has known me since I can remember. My husband laughs at us because when we talk we just say the same thing and there are times we don’t even really need words because we are thinking about the same thing.

I have been so happy to see lately that my daughters have been connecting more with each other. They have been insisting on sleepovers in the same bed, playing games together for hours, dressing in matching outfits, and just really enjoying each other’s company. They have almost a 3 year gap between the two of them but this gap seems to have lessened in the past few months. I hope that they will stay as close as my sister and I have, because there really isn’t anything better than having a sister for life.


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6 thoughts on “Sisters for Life

  1. Sisters are the best friends you never asked for lol.

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  2. So true! Stuck with each other for better or worse 🙂


  3. Aww I love having you for a sister too! Lifelong built in friend! Love you!


  4. Awwww, so sweet, I am missing my sisters now!


    1. I love my brothers too but there is something special about sisters ❤

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      1. Yes surely a special bond exist between sisters!


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