The nights are long but the years are short.

IMG_1895I heard this phrase a thousand times when my babies were little (and I may have secretly wished horrible things to happen to some of the people who would impose this wisdom on me along with their not so helpful sleep training tips.) I know they meant well but the lack of sleep makes you crazy after awhile!

My children were pretty much allergic to sleep and getting 4 hours of broken sleep was considered a good night.

I didn’t really plan to start out family as early as we did and so found myself finishing my last year of university with a newborn. Instead of spending my maternity leave filling out baby books and going to baby and me groups, my spare moments were filled with papers, practicum hours, and trying to learn how to be a mom. I loved her dearly and thoroughly enjoyed her as a baby but that time was definitely a blur. My second child had food allergies and intolerances we had to sort out the first year so sleep was pretty much off the table for her as well. Thankfully at that time I was on maternity leave for the year and was able to trudge through as a zombie. It helped that she was the sweetest, happiest baby ever (who just didn’t sleep…)

Now all of a sudden life has fast forwarded and I have 2 kids who are quickly approaching 4 and 7 years old. Where did my never sleeping babies with the adorable little cheeks go!?

My husband and I had a conversation the other night as we cleaned the kitchen before going to bed (because this is somehow usually the time we both have to talk) about how we are entering a new stage. The baby stage is physically exhausting but now we are entering a stage that is challenging us more emotionally and mentally. We have gone from dealing with waking up a zillion times a night and potty training to teaching kids how to be a good friend, how to read, and answering 100 times a day why we cannot get a pet dog right this very second.

But then this morning as I left for work and my husband and kids had all taken over our bed and for a brief moment our girls were so sweet together. Cuddling and not fighting. So cute. I wanted to remember this moment because even though there are tough days, long nights, it really does go by fast.

Ironically, when I picked my youngest up from daycare after work, I had this very conversation.  The director was at the daycare and chatted with me and another mom as we joked about how much work they can be at this young age. She shared how all of a sudden her kids were grown up and living lives on their own. Life so quickly went from that busy mom stage to a different stage as a mom.

We all hear these phrases and it can be so easy to brush them off, especially when going through a particularly challenging phase. Every now and then though, it’s good to pause and remember that this too shall pass and it really does all go by too quickly.


2 thoughts on “The nights are long but the years are short.

  1. I have loved being a part of your girls’ lives and seeing them grow. They have such wonderfully fun personalities.


    1. It’s always a good reminder for me to appreciate the fun I can have with them and their strengths. It can be so easy to get focused on the hard day to day things.


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