Perfectly imperfect

As a mom I wish my kids could be perfect. Not for me…ok a little bit for me (let’s be honest here!) but mostly because I have big dreams for them. I am always thinking of what I can do better to support them, to raise them, and to teach them.

  • Maybe we should cut down on screen-time.
  • Maybe we should eat more vegetables.
  • Maybe we should work on reading more.
  • Maybe we need to focus more on empathy…

The list is always growing and never completed….

But then I pause.

Is this fair to my kids? To me? Should we always be living in this state of constant pressure to be better, never good enough?

  • Maybe some days we will watch a long movie.
  • Maybe some days we will have frozen pizza.
  • Maye some days we will play instead of reading.
  • Maybe some days my kids will misbehave.

Sometimes this requires me stepping back for a moment and realizing that we are never going to be perfect. And that is ok!

My children will not excel in all areas academically. They may sometimes hurt their friends’ feelings.

But it is ok. I love them despite these imperfections.

I may lose my temper some days. I may be too tired to cook an elaborate, super healthy meal.

But it is ok. They love me despite these imperfections.

Because at the end of the day, it is not about what they do or I do. It is about our relationship. Who they are, not their performance. It is not about them meeting my standards or expectations.

My oldest is an amazing artist. She loves animals and knows more facts about them than I have even ever learned. She is creative and has a vivid imagination that creates incredible stories. She is a loyal friend. She is passionate and energetic.


My youngest is shy at first but then will befriend anyone. She is a little ray of sunshine. She colours like I have never seen anyone colour before, let along another 3 year old…rainbows of colour and an extreme attention to detail. She is sweet and helpful but will surprise us with how much of a daredevil she can be.

They are loved because they are who they are. Not because of how good they can be or who they can impress.

They are perfectly imperfect and that is ok.

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10 thoughts on “Perfectly imperfect

  1. Great post. No matter what love your kids. There will be times they don’t meet your expectations but you don’t love them any less.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I have been really focusing on this lately. doesn’t matter if they disappoint me or don’t live to my standards. I’m not perfect so how can I expect them them to be. It’s so much better to look at their strengths and encourage them. Easier said than done some days 🙂

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  2. Very nice post! Raising kids is a big responsibility, and we see their future in present. As parents, we love them want the best for them when they are on their own. It is not easy to guess or judge what would be best or what they will consider best in later age.
    Wish you good parenting!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! It can be daunting how much responsibility we have for these little people. I do my best, some days are better than others for sure!

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      1. Yes, I echo you as a mom! 🙂 Have a Good Day!


      2. 🙂 We as mom’s have to stick together!

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  3. I love your blog so.. I nominated you for an award to share your blog with others 😊


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the honour and the compliment!

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