Just say yes

Parenting can be full of so many obligations, so much responsibilities, and the need to keep track of every little detail. It can be downright exhausting.

This is when everyone starts talking about self care right? But is that even realistic as a parent? I have a spa gift card that is so old I’m not even sure if it’s good anymore! When do we have time for ourselves!? What if you don’t have lots of family just ready to pop in and give you a break?

For me, it is not so much the big things as it is the little details. Saying yes to another commitment, another obligation, or even fun activity means I am saying no to something else. What are my top priorities? What can I realistically do in a day, a week, a month? And  can I do it well? What am I sacrificing to make that happen? This past fall I had to make some tough choices. I had to re-evaluate my priorities. At the end of the day, I felt like I could not give my family what I wanted to give them and my personal health was suffering. I could not answer yes to those questions. By changing my focus and making some sacrifices (such as leaving a job I loved) I am now finding myself in a place I can say yes to the things that are benefiting my family and me.

Yes, I can spend time with my daughters in the evening and not be so tired I am just counting down the time until they are in bed (ok most days anyway!). Yes, I have time to connect with my husband even if it is in the kitchen while we do dishes! Yes, I can take some time to explore what I enjoy to do. I get get outside with the kids, go for a quick run, or even get back into reading and writing.

Self care is making sure my needs are met so I can take care of those who depend on me. I have a lot of ways I can improve still on taking care of myself, but I’m off to a good start.

some days just getting out in the sun and seeing my girls enjoy the fresh air just as much as I do is all I need! What do you to take care of yourself? What are you working on?


2 thoughts on “Just say yes

  1. Taking good care of ourselves first! Keep it up : )


    1. It’s always so much easier to say than do, isn’t it! But I’m definitely learning when I’m not doing well I can’t be my best version of myself to parent either so it is so essential.

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