The Art of Humour

I changed jobs just over 2 years ago which required a long commute 4 days a week. (Since January I’m now at a job which doesn’t require this long commute, thank goodness). During this time, the commute meant our daily routines and responsibilities changed quite a bit during this time. My husband took over the morning routine as I was often out the door before anyone else was awake.

As he took on more of getting the girls ready, driving the girls around, etc I got to see a side of his parenting that I had not observed before. He taught me things that he does that work really well.

One skill I’ve observed him do well, is he is able to use humour in situations where I would get frustrated or even start getting upset with the kids. When they don’t want to put their pajamas on, he will do something ridiculous like pretend to eat the pajamas until they insist on putting them on. The next thing I know, they are wearing their pajamas all the while laughing.

Recently I used this approach when getting the girls to clean up. I took the extra minute to make cleaning up a silly game rather than just making them do it. It was amazing how quickly (and happily they cleaned up when it became “fun”)!


I don’t think I will ever be able to fully adopt his ‘let’s just be silly’ approach as I often finding myself as the parent who implements chores, homework, and all those not so fun things. I’m the one who keeps the household running, and makes sure all the little details are taken care of.As my oldest daughter puts it, “Daddy is more fun but Mommy is much more responsible.”

But I’ve tried to keep his approach in mind to lighten moods whenever possible. After all sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

How about you? Have you found adding some humour to otherwise frustrating situations helpful? Have you observed your partner or another caregiver doing something that made you rethink the way you are doing things? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “The Art of Humour

  1. I find humor in many frustrating situations – sometimes I just laugh….to keep from crying….lol. I haven’t been blessed with a life long partner yet but I believe it takes a balance to make things work. While you and your husband are opposite, I’m glad you all have a balance – when you need a laugh, I’m sure he always has something up his sleeve…lol. Beautiful family!


    1. That’s a good point, Roshanda. It’s probably a good thing we can balance each other out and it’s also so true that balance in parenting is so necessary. It’s been good for me to be a bit less serious sometimes and learn to be a little more well rounded! I think we are all just figuring out this parenting thing as we go and we all need to laugh sometimes to keep from crying!

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  2. Girl! you can say that again….yes, we don’t have the perfect secret to how it’s done, we’re just doing it, one day at a time.


  3. Indefinitely use humour a lot, it helps to break the ice. I also find a smile and a kind word goes a long way.


    1. Yes, it does! So simple and easy to forget, but much better than all business 🙂

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