Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day.

There is so much to say that cannot be summed up in one day. So many lessons I want my girls to learn, so many things I want them to have, and so much I want for them to be.

To my daughters:

May you learn to love with your whole hearts.

May you learn your value and not sell yourselves short-for anyone or anything.

May you know you are beautiful, inside and out.

May you know you are not just pretty faces (smart, talented, and funny to name a few).

May you find what you love and follow your dreams.

May you find kindness in this world and embrace goodness wherever you go.

May you be a lights in a world of darkness.

May you speak for equality and never settle for discrimination.

May you believe in yourselves.

May you never lose the inner joy that you share with us and we love.

Happy International Women’s Day


2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. Cute pic, and nice writing!


    1. Thanks, it’s an older picture but one of my favourites as it really shows their vibrant personalities!

      Liked by 1 person

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