It’s all in the Perspective


This was my morning view as I arrived at my office. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the sun until it was shining its warmth on my face. A craving that I had not even noticed until that need was being met.

It is funny how life is often like that. We do not know what our needs are until we suddenly find ourselves finally getting that need met. A secret hole in our hearts being filled.

I think of this when I am feeling frustrated with one of my kids or even another adult. I try to take a moment to think through what may be their perspective-what need do they have? What is their secret craving? What is their untold story?

For my daughter when I get home from work and she starts yelling the computer is not working, I might find out it is nothing to do with that at all. I might find out her friend left her out and she is worried about losing a friend. She needs security.

For a friend of mine who has seemed too busy to ask me how I am doing or respond to my texts, she might be struggling with postpartum depression and adjusting to her new normal. She needs peace.

As much as we all wish we knew what we needed, sometimes until a friend is extending that hand, offering a gift just as the sun offered its gift of warmth to me, they may not know.

Who knows, maybe today you can be someone’s sun?


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2 thoughts on “It’s all in the Perspective

  1. Oh, that’s where I’m heading to, a working mum … lol
    It’ll get better! I’m a new blogger too. Hope you’ll like mine too : )


    1. It is not all bad, there are some really rewarding things about being a working mom too-I guess I should write about them too!
      I’ll check out your posts 😉


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